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Musa Mehedi Rashid BSc Engr, MBA

If the compatibility is above 40% then marriage can be done. Birth Number=20% Destiny Number=20% Kua Number=10% Other=50% When both are sharing(any 3 number)=50% When both are sharing(any 2 number)=30% When both are sharing(any 1 number)=15% Auspicious time :Amrit kalam, Brahma muhurta .Inauspicious time: Rahukal , Ketukal, yamaghanda, Uddeg ,kaal ,Rog.

Engineer ,Astrologer, Numerologist, Tantra Samrat

How to know your child name? Example: Fathers Birth Date : 28/1/1983 D/c=1/5 His Childs name =D+2C or D D+2C=11=2=B,K,R Or D= 1=A,J,S Result: Matched😀

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